anti-Southern Haters Expand Jacksonville Monument Suit to County Names

(Never give a cultural marxist his half of a loaf. He’ll be back to claim the whole store before you know it – DD)
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From Confederate monuments, Jacksonville lawsuit morphs to also challenge 5 county names

(Florida Times-Union) A lawsuit in Jacksonville over using tax money to maintain tributes to the Confederacy has expanded to challenge the names of five Florida counties whose namesakes were Confederates.
“I’m swinging for the fences,” civil rights activist Earl Johnson Jr. told a reporter after he filed an amended complaint this week that also claims additional grounds to hold that spending taxes to honor Confederates violates federal law.
“The budgetary enactments challenged herein burden the liberty of Plaintiff, a Black American, as they abridge central precepts of equality based upon race and color,” argued the new filing from Johnson, a disbarred lawyer representing himself.
It asked a federal judge for a “declaratory judgment” confirming Johnson’s charge that the law has been broken.
That wouldn’t immediately change anything. But by asking for "such other and further relief as this court deems necessary," the suit set the stage for efforts to rename Baker, Bradford, Hendry, Lee and Pasco counties…Read the rest