Culture Shock – This Ain’t Chicago Dude!

(I love culture shock. They’re silly enough to think we’re helpless down here like their northern victims. That’s why the Thuggee love gun grabber politicians – DD)
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Florida alleged robber armed with gun claims ‘I’m from Chicago, bro,’ leaves when clerk displays own weapon
The ‘Chicago’ man claimed he didn’t know anyone in the Florida area and left when a store clerk got his own firearm from a back room, authorities said

(FOX) A man casually carrying a shotgun and claiming to be from Chicago walked into a Florida convenience store during an attempted robbery but walked out when a clerk displayed his own weapon, authorities said.
Rakim Stephen Tate, 32, made a bad decision that "became a worse decision" when he walked into a convenience store on Sept. 9 with a visible shotgun to his side, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.
He is charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm.
Tate walked around the store for a few seconds before a clerk out of view from a camera in the store is heard talking to him, according to security footage. The clerk apparently noticed Tate arming himself before he entered the store and went into a back room to arm himself with his personal weapon, authorities said. …Read the rest