SCV Continues to Block Wiliamson County Wokeness

(A NEWS story by a paper that won’t even bother to name the organization correctly in the headline? You can see that writer’s perspective up front. Had to deal with the same thing from our now-defunct local paper when I was a Camp Commander. For some reason they couldn’t seem to print the word "Confederate." Every entry in the community calendar was for a "Son’s of Veterans" meeting until the second lawyer letter got their attention – DD)
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Sons of Confederacy Continue to Block Williamson County Seal Change

(Williamson Source) The Spring Hill-based Major Nathaniel Cheairs Camp 2138 Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has once again brought legal action against Williamson County in an effort to block the county’s removal of the Confederate flag from the county seal. This occurred after a vote by the Tennessee Historical Commission (THC) on the issue, which is required by law, had been delayed three times due to the showdown. However, the THC voted unanimously in April to allow the county to alter the portion of the seal that contains an image of a Confederate flag draped over a cannon because it didn’t apply to the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act.
The THC’s Heritage Protection Act, which was approved in 2013, was created with the goal of protecting Confederate monuments and symbols. The Tennessee Heritage Protection Act (THPA) states that it ensures “no memorial regarding a historic conflict, historic entity, historic event, historic figure, or historic organization that is, or is located on, public property, may be removed, renamed, relocated, altered, rededicated, or otherwise disturbed or altered.”
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