‘The Border Has Never Been More Unsecured’

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‘The Border Has Never Been More Unsecured’: AZ Sheriff Warns Cartels Pushing More Illegal Immigrants Into America Fearing GOP Takeover in November

(Western Journal) Millions of sensible Americans are full of hope now that the November midterms — and likely a Republican congressional sweep — are less than a few months away.
Open-border advocates, which include Democrats, Mexican drug cartels and human-traffickers, are not so enthused, however.
Fearing a massive “red wave” this November, these cartels and human-traffickers have begun a renewed “surge” through the United States’ border, according to various sources — including Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Lamb.
According to Just the News, Lamb said claims of a secure U.S. border are “gaslighting the American people” because “[t]he border has never been more unsecured.”
He continued, “the Mexican drug cartels are now scrambling to surge as many illegal migrants as possible across the southern border under the wire.”…Read the rest