Biden Tosses Adult Diaper in the Ring for 2024

(I don’t know who’s more decrepit, joe or al? – DD)
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It’s On: Biden Tells Al Sharpton He’s Running Again in 2024

(Robert Spencer, PJ Media) Old Joe Biden will turn 80 next month, and there’s hardly anyone home now: just this past week he scanned around a room while asking the whereabouts of a congresswoman who was killed in August, wandered away from his handlers as they nervously called after him, and declared that “New York sent not only a Congresswoman, one of the most congresswoman in the Congress.” But Joe wants us to believe that when he’s 82, he’ll be hale and hearty and ready to inflict himself upon us for another four years. It’s about as believable as the Democrats’ contention that he is a competent and capable president now.
NBC News reported Monday that Biden actually made it official last month when he told the Democrats’ kingmaker and icon of race-baiting hucksterism, Al Sharpton, “I’m going to do it again. I’m going.” …Read the rest