The Big Rig: GOP files 73 lawsuits to protect Election Integrity

(Not enough and why wait so late??? – DD)
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RNC has launched 73 election lawsuits in 20 states: ‘Most litigious’ election cycle
RNC invested heavily in new election integrity operations infrastructure

(FOX) The Republican National Committee (RNC) has launched 73 lawsuits on election integrity issues in 20 states during the 2022 midterm election cycle, an increase from 2020 that has already secured GOP victories in battleground states this year.
The scope of the legal challenges stretches from the rights of poll watchers to observe the counting of votes to the illegal counting of mismarked absentee ballots.
This aggressive legal approach is an effort to meet RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s vision of making this cycle the RNC’s "most litigious," according to an RNC spokesperson. The strategy includes offense-minded lawsuits, such as suing Democratic secretaries of state and challenging Democrat-friendly election laws, and defensive actions that include intervening in lawsuits brought by the Biden administration in Republican states.Read the rest