Convenient: Dems Already Prepping the Stolen Election Narrative

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White House to issue election security warning just two weeks from anticipated Republican blowout
Intelligence bulletin reportedly set to be released this week.

(Just the News) The joe biden administration is reportedly preparing to issue major warnings about U.S. election security, just two weeks out from the 2022 midterms and what is increasingly projected to be a significant Republican rout in key races.
Multiple media outlets reported on the looming warning. Politico, for instance, claimed on Monday that administration security officials "are tracking multiple threats to the nation’s election security infrastructure ahead of the midterms and are set to issue warnings, including in an internal intelligence bulletin this week."
The outlet cited "two people familiar with the matter."
The bulletin allegedly "will lay out details of cyber threats posed by China and Russia, as well as other non-state actors, and potential physical threats to election officials in jurisdictions across the country," Politico claimed.
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