God Save Standard Time

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Yet another horrendous biannual time change is upon us. For the love of all that is holy, make it stop.

(Nate Jackson, Patriot Post) Most of America is about to undergo yet another annoying and frustrating time change this weekend, as we fall back an hour. We’ve written before — with tongue planted firmly in cheek — that if you don’t want to stay on Daylight Saving Time all year, you’re probably a communist. Because everyone hates each year’s two time changes but no one seems to agree on which time to say on, we are today going to unabashedly take the ridiculously over-the-top opposite position: Only semi-fascists wouldn’t want to spend the whole year on Standard Time.
Standard time may be in effect for only four months a year, but that’s because “progressives” ruin everything and took more than their share of the year for daylight time. Adding daylight is a leftist lie; daylight can only be redistributed. If we conserve anything at all, if we love anything about this country, it should be something called standard time.
The Senate, which also ruins everything, passed the Sunshine Protection Act earlier this year, but American Patriots in the House blocked it.
Daylight time messes with our “circadian rhythms, sleep-wake cycles and overall health”…Read the rest