Southerners Surfing the “Red Wave” in for disappointment?

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Southerners Riding the Red Wave

(James Ronald Kennedy, Abbeville Institute) America’s talking heads on the right and left are predicting a conservative “red wave” in the 2022 midterm elections. They predict that “conservatives” will take control of both Houses of Congress. If, and that is a big if, it happens, what opportunities will it present to those of us who want to put an end to modern Reconstruction’s anti-South cancel culture? Will we be wise enough to leverage this “conservative” victory into a real political effort to halt the destruction of Southern monuments, symbols, and our honorable heritage?
When left to themselves, Republicans have a dismal history of using their control of Congress to roll back liberal legislation and an even worse record of promoting conservative values. In 2016 the GOP controlled both House and Senate and had a Republican President, but they did nothing to roll back Obama’s liberal programs. They did little to promote conservative values—big talk but little action.
Currently 19 states have passed a call for a Constitutional Convention of the States to submit to the states amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Most Southern states are in that number. But if the required number of 34 states is reached and “we the people” are not organized at the local level…Read the rest

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