‘Generation Indoctrination’: What’s being done to protect kids legally from gender ideology?

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(Brandon Showalter, Christian Post) As gender ideology continues to pervade every realm of culture, legislators and public policy experts alarmed by its effects on children have taken numerous steps to thwart it from taking root in state laws.
When Arkansas state Rep. Robin Lundstrum learned that children in her state were undergoing experimental gender medicalization, she knew she had to act.
“At first, I was very surprised,” Lundstrum said in the fourth installment of The Christian Post’s documentary-style investigative podcast series, "Generation Indoctrination: Inside the Transgender Battle,” which was released Friday.
“I thought ‘surely not,’ and the more we investigated, the more we realized it was happening here in Arkansas,” she continued, upon being told by one of her legislative colleagues that this was not limited to the East and West Coasts where she…Read the rest