Social Media – An Intelligence Ops ‘mind-shaping machine’

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‘It is a mind-shaping machine’: Are social media companies intelligence assets for the countries that produce them?
‘I think that’s what social media always has been. If you’re not paying for it, it’s because you yourself are what’s for sale,’ said Ezra.

(Rebel News) …"Social media companies are intelligence assets for the countries that produce them, and social media companies have been an arm of American influence. That’s why lots of nations that try and resist being in the American or NATO orbit often ban social media companies, American social media companies. I know Russia has and many other countries in the Middle East have as well. Obviously China has too, because they see it as this arm of American influence."
He went on to say, "I actually used to have a source at the State Department in the Trump administration. He said the deep state loved social media, free speech when it was helping them regime change say, Libya or Egypt, or helping you know, whip up activism in Iran. But as soon as Brexit and Donald Trump happened… Read the rest