Election 2022 – Did We Just Put a Band-Aid on Gangrene?

(We may not have even done that. Maybe a well-placed bullet to the foot. Red State secession just became a more viable alternative – DD)
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(Dixie Drudge) In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, States were able to hand count ballots in one night. That was before most people had even heard of voting machines. The paper ballot was the norm.
Now, for some reason, certain states in the post-modern electronic world have trouble counting a few thousand (mail-in) paper ballots. It can be days we are told. Also, these are the same states over and over again. These same battle-ground states that always seem to be contested always have questions about the legitimacy of their results. You would think that two years would be plenty of time to prepare?
It depends on what you’re preparing for…
Remember 2016 when Pennsylvania quit counting for the night? Couldn’t they have prepared to stay up late like clerks in America have for more than two centuries now?
It also looks like a Secretary of State in Arizona who happens to be running for Governor would make sure that the voting machines in her state’s most populous county were in working order for the big day. That was her job. That alone should show that Ms Hobbs isn’t ready for prime time in Arizona.
Or is there something more sinister afoot?
Is there any wonder that 44% of Americans believe their government is run by a secret cabal. It is. The "Cabal" is the career parasite "Swamp" that Donald Trump spent four years railing against and Mitch McConnell spent a lifetime cuddling.
My late father always said, "If you got to cheat, you ain’t ready!"
I think the current DC administration is a clear example of that principle. Gone are the days of an honorable win or lose race that the people can have confidence in.
Today’s elections have every technological advantage for speed and accuracy that your tax dollars can buy. Yet we still can’t get a timely or sometimes even a believable result. Used to you had to clear the margin of error to be assured a win. Now you have to clear the margin of corruption, too.
Only when the timely, accurate results our taxes pay for are delivered, and delivered regularly, will the people once again view their elections as legitimate.
Until then we must fight for truth and right or we get the corrupt and inept rulers we deserve. After all, in a democratic system, WE are the rulers! If we accept corrupt and inept, that is ALL we will ever get!
Dixie Drudge