Academic Freedom and the Future of Higher Ed

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Academic Freedom and the Future of Higher Ed
Attendees from across the political spectrum agree on one thing: higher ed is broken and desperately needs fixing.

(Lewis Morris, Patriot Post) Last weekend’s Academic Freedom Conference, sponsored by the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, attempted to tackle the major issues facing, even threatening, the future of higher education in America. College professors and administrators from across the political spectrum and across various academic disciplines and institutions gathered to discuss the problem and debate possible solutions.
Attendees at the invitation-only event agreed on at least one thing: Higher education is broken. A sustained attack on intellectual diversity and free speech has turned our colleges and universities into indoctrination centers, where the prevailing school of thought, dominated by the political Left, squelches any honest attempts at intellectual curiosity and exploratory thinking.
The debate through much of the conference was whether to try to fix the problem from within the institutions or to abandon traditional academia in search of alternatives.
University of Texas finance professor Richard Lowery took the view that fixing existing institutions is a lost cause. “The boards [of trustees] are a bunch of people who don’t know anything about…Read the rest