The Big Rig: Dem meddling in GOP primaries paid off in a big way

(Dem Collusion is more sinister than the mythical Russian collusion. They didn’t lose because they were pro-Trump. They lost because they were weaker candidates in strongly libtard areas. They benefited from Trump’s help. It wasn’t like Snitch McConnell was helping anyone – DD)
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CLEAN SWEEP: Democratic meddling in GOP primaries paid off in a big way on Election Day
Democrats spent more than $40 million to boost Republicans in primaries for key midterm races

(FOX) Democrats’ strategy of spending millions to boost pro-Trump candidates in Republican primaries appeared to pay off Tuesday as the party ended the night with a clean sweep of the races in which it chose to meddle.
All six of the Republican candidates who seemingly benefited from the meddling in their primary victories fell to their Democratic opponents. Those races include a number of key House and gubernatorial races, as well as the New Hampshire Senate race.
Democrats spent more than $40 million boosting those six GOP candidates, all of whom expressed support for former President Donald Trump as a leader of the Republican Party or were backed by him.
In New Hampshire, incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan easily defeated Republican and former Army General Don Bolduc, who was the Democrat-aligned Senate Majority PAC’s candidate …Read the rest