Against Secular Thanksgiving

(American Conservative) This week, Americans will be on holiday for a long weekend. Thanksgiving will be an occasion for gathering with friends and family, eating an extraordinary amount of food, drinking while watching football, and trying to avoid conversations about Kyle Rittenhouse, Antifa, the midterm elections, gender “reassignment surgery,” Biden’s cognitive decline, Fetterman’s cognitive impairment, Paul Pelosi’s story, January 6, critical race theory, vaccination status, the history of relations between American settlers and indigenous peoples, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the media’s burial of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the price of the holiday meal, groomers, pronouns, Kanye West, cryptocurrency, and whatever a “supply chain” is.

Some will call it an early evening on Thursday because the true holiday dawns in the morning, on “Black Friday,” when the nation’s gluttony is redirected from cuisine to the conspicuous purchase of electronics and other Chinese-manufactured garbage that will be unceremoniously unwrapped on the morning of our next secularized, ritualistic celebration of material consumption in late December…

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