Biden opens secret amnesty door, swamping border facilities

(Restoring America)

The Biden administration, desperate to mute headlines about record illegal immigrant crossings, has secretly started a new system to let in potential lawbreakers that also puts them on a fast track to legal status.

The program amounts to an amnesty ticket and preselects some of those caught up in Mexico’s immigration controls.

Word of the program has spread like wildfire, swamping border camps involved in the program, according to a report by immigration expert Todd Bensman with the Center for Immigration Studies.

In his report, shared with Secrets Monday, Bensman said, “Thousands are hearing about this new legal way in — and swamping an expanding system of Mexican shelters that gradually feed their occupants through American ports of entry with temporary legal status and opportunity to make the big move permanent.”

Bensman, who has revealed several loopholes…

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