15 Minutes of Shame! TMZ Trots Out Fake RE Lee Relative (again) to Dis Marjorie Taylor Greene

(Isn’t perpetrating a hoax punishable? As long as this useful idiot is of value to the Bolsheviks in the media, he’s safe from prosecution – DD)

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(TMZ) One of the descendants of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is blasting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for suggesting red and blue states separate … telling us her idea is “nothing short of treason.”

Reverend Robert W. Lee IV, a collateral descendant of General Lee, tells TMZ … by calling for a “national divorce,” MTG is acting no better than the Confederates who fought against the Union during the Civil War.

MTG tweeted out the idea Monday, calling for Democratic and Republican voting states to split. While she didn’t use the word secession, that’s exactly what she’s calling for … and she claims everyone she talks to agrees.

While advocating for the creation of 2 separate governments, she also calls for the federal government to shrink.

Robert admits his ancestor, General Lee, would be totally on board with MTG’s suggestion, but adds that’s nothing to celebrate. Instead, he says the Congresswoman from Georgia is outing herself as a traitor…

Robert E. Lee Relative Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘National Divorce’ Tweet