A Woke yankee Hiding in Plain Sight

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(Brian Hendrix, Reckonin’) Brad Paisley is a pretty good singer. Brad Paisley is a pretty good guitarist. Brad Paisley is an okay-enough songwriter. Brad Paisley is a shitty Southerner.

Brad Paisley was born in West Virginia, and so most people would agree that’s the South – that’s country. Not so fast, my friends. Paisley’s really a city slicker, through and through. He was born and raised in Glen Dale, part of the Wheeling Metro area on the Ohio River. The Lord won’t be taking his soul back home to Dixie. Glen Dale is above the Mason Dixon. Does that matter? Well, I don’t see Toby Keith tripping over himself to do a duet with Volodymyr Zelensky about how pushing toward a nuclear holocaust is something worth dancing about to pop-country garbage. (Let’s just hope Zelensky keeps his clothes on in the music video.)

It really is shocking to see country music artists wrap themselves up in the bitterly partisan politics of our world today – particularly when they choose the side of election theft, the removal of freedoms, the indoctrination of children, and the universal suffrage of the plebeian class. While many country fans are firing shots at targets bearing Paisley’s oddly-shaped face over this globalist propaganda, some of us remember that this isn’t anything new for…

Brad Paisley: Yankee Hiding in Plain Sight – RECKONIN’

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