After Woke MLK “Teaching” in School, White Boy Says He’ll Take Vengeance on Whites

(Another tragedy in the making. How many more are out there? – DD)

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(The New American) With schools often portraying America negatively today, critics of this indoctrination may warn that young children just aren’t capable of properly processing such information. And now a real-life example of this has been caught on video — one in which a little white boy is seen vowing to take vengeance upon “the white” for the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.

The boy’s attitude changed when his mother pointed out that he was mostly white, with the lad then apparently dealing with guilt. But this raises an obvious question: Is this healthy — for either the kids or our civilization?

And what does it bode for the future?

The video was provided via Storyful and was featured by, which ran the title, “Little Boy Promises to Avenge MLK, Then Is Shocked to Learn He Is Same Race as Assassin.”

Indiana mother Nicole Dodero shot the video and said she began recording upon noticing her son, Nathan, becoming highly emotional. “In the footage, the adorable boy appears to be on the verge of tears after learning about…

After MLK “Teaching” in School, White Boy Says He’ll Take Vengeance on Whites – The New American