Alabama House Republicans seek terrorist designation for Antifa

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(WSFA-12) – The Alabama House Republican Caucus announced on Monday it has unanimously approved a resolution by State Rep. Chip Brown (R – Hollinger’s Island) that calls upon the federal government to officially declare Antifa-affiliated groups as “terrorist organizations.

”Because Republicans hold a supermajority in the chamber, issue-related caucus resolutions carry the same weight and importance as House resolutions.”The radical liberal groups that operate under the Antifa banner use rioting, violence, arson, intimidation, and even murder in order to advance and promote their radical leftist agenda, and far too often, their actions occur without punishment,” Brown said.

“Antifa and its affiliates are the very definition of domestic terrorists, and it is time for the federal government to classify and treat them the same as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other organizations that utilize the same violent tactics.”

The resolution also documents specific examples of Antifa’s history of committing violence against…

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