Antifa-linked Twitter account takes credit for Portland bank arson, says it was act of ‘revenge’ for Atlanta autonomous zone arrests

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"I attack for revenge against capital for the hell it creates, to break the illusion of police control that usually protects it, and just because I can. Bank of America funds the Atlanta Police Foundation and a thousand other projects of control."

(The Post-Millennial) Following a fire at a Portland Bank of America branch on Saturday, an anonymous person has taken credit for starting the fire, saying that the fire was started in retaliation for domestic terrorism charges brought against five militants that were a part of a violent occupation of land in south Atlanta.
"Last night I broke into a Bank of America in Portland, Oregon and started a large fire. According to news reports, the fire grew quickly and took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish," the statement, posted to Abolition Media, said…Read the rest