Antifa Thugs Firebomb Atlanta Public Training Facility Construction Site

(Just another illustration of how lib-tard government is hobbling police in favor of their useful idiot pets. If this were conservative patriots, an insurrection would be declared, followed by At Least firehoses since the fire dept was already there. Different treatment for different people! Most of them will be out on bail before this is posted- DD)

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(Chris Queen, PJ Media) A few weeks after a shootout with police left an Antifa protester dead and a Georgia State Trooper injured, the “Defend the Atlanta Forest” movement of far-left goons has firebombed the construction site of a future public training facility for the city of Atlanta.

The domestic terrorist action came about as part of a “Week of Action” that the far-left group announced last month.

The “action” began as a series of protest marches in Atlanta on Saturday but culminated in the violent act of terrorism that took place on Sunday night.

You can see the throngs of “protesters” coming to do damage to the construction site in the second image here.

“Forest defenders have taken over the police surveillance outpost on the power line clearing near Intrenchment Creek,” reports the Unicorn Riot Twitter account. “Police retreated after crowd arrived at barbed wire fence and shot fireworks into the area.”…

Antifa Thugs Firebomb Atlanta Public Training Facility Construction Site – PJ Media