Antifa’s Nonprofit Infrastructure

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(Frontpage Mag) Antifa, like the Democrat Party, is built on the model of nonprofit support infrastructure.

In the party, that means everything except the most direct campaign activities are outsourced to networks of nonprofits that use tax-deductible donations for everything from voter registration and outreach, media and messaging, to funding election infrastructure ‘Zuckerbucks’ style.

Unlike its Black Lives Matter allies, the Antifa networks don’t have centralized nonprofits. Antifa’s illegal activities and the criminal tendencies of its participants, many of whom are involved in a variety of radical groups, some of them domestic terrorist organizations, makes that a non-starter. However, unlike conservative groups which have been ‘debanked’ from Big Tech fundraising platforms, Antifa gains support through leftist 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) groups which includes fundraising platforms, bail funds, street medics and promotional media organizations.

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