Are Affirmative Action’s Days Numbered?

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(Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post) In June, the Supreme Court will rule on our nation’s unconstitutional practice of race-based discrimination in higher-ed admissions.

“Poverty and huge intergroup differences in income are serious matters,” wrote the great Thomas Sowell, “whether or not discrimination is the cause, and whether or not affirmative action is the cure. Yet any attempt to deal with these very real disadvantages must first cut through the fog generated by a vision more powerful than its evidence.”

Sowell wrote that in his smallish 1984 book Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality? marking the 20th anniversary of the passage of our nation’s landmark Civil Rights Act. Nearly 30 more years later, affirmative action may finally be ready for the ash heap of history.

Last October, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard College and SFFA v. University of North Carolina, both of which challenge the racially discriminatory admissions practices of their respective schools.

How bad has it gotten? One statistical analysis from the North Carolina case noted that an out-of-state Asian American has only a 6.5% chance of admission compared to 57.7% for an equally credentialed black. Another analysis found that a white out-of-state male with a 10% chance of admission would have his odds improve to 98% if he were black.

Whatever one thinks about…

Douglas Andrews: Are Affirmative Action’s Days Numbered? | The Patriot Post