‘Blatantly illegal’: NASCAR has ‘diversity internship’ that bans white people from applying

(Could you just imagine the Shite-storm if this were the other way around? But because it’s the PC/DEI/BLM thing to do, it will be celebrated. – DD)

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(WND) – As a person whose first word was “car,” who can tell you offhand how many victories stock car legend Richard Petty scored (exactly 200), where Formula One icon Ayrton Senna’s first win came (the rain-soaked 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix) and the only drivers who have won four Indianapolis 500s (A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr., Rick Mears and Helio Castroneves), I think I’m qualified to make this statement with a certain amount of authority:

NASCAR stinks and is in terminal decline.

I think I’ve proved I’m not one of those “they just turn left! I could do that!” or “I only watch for the crashes” people. I don’t labor under the misapprehension the only names allowed for drivers are “Dale” or “Rusty.” In fact, I used to love the sport beyond all reason for a kid raised in the baseball-crazed New York City suburbs. Other kids had Don Mattingly or Derek Jeter posters on their walls; I went with Darrell Waltrip.

However, the constantly shifting rules of the series have become ever more convoluted without any perceptible benefit. The racing itself has become more boring. A playoff system has made most of the regular season meaningless, and the drivers have been reduced to personality-free, self-parodying corporate shills that make parts of “Talladega Nights” look like a documentary, not a comedy. (“I just thank the Lord the Texaco Havoline Monster Energy Lowe’s Home Improvement Chevrolet Camaro was running real good today …”)

Furthermore, any fan who watches the sport with any regularity knows 1) that this is why NASCAR is in trouble and 2) that the people running the sport are to blame. But, if the people running the sport had any self-awareness, it wouldn’t be this way in the first place — so, lo and behold, they seem to have a different explanation: their fan base is too white, too male, too Southern, too conservative and too…

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