Cancelling Out The Christian South Because Cultural Marxists Want It Gone

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(Al Benson, Jr., Revised History) – Dr. Carole Haynes had some worthwhile comments to make on on what the leftists are doing with Juneteenth and to Southern heritage in general. Lots of Southern folks don’t seem to grasp that this leftist agenda is first aimed at them and their children and their culture and heritage, and then at everybody else. Southerners, however, are the first victims, and then everybody else.

Dr. Haynes wrote, in part, “Confederate hysteria will be stoked to rally national demonization of the Christian South, while obscuring the fact that slaves were held in Northern states that imported slaves and sold them to Southerners. According to some estimates, 80 to 100 million Americans are descended from Confederate soldiers. With a population of nearly 330 million, 1 out of 4 of the U.S. population is genetically linked to the old Confederacy. Cancelling all mention of the Confederacy effectively cancels the heritage of 25% of all Americans. Destroying Confederate monuments because they evoke memories of slavery, was the Cultural Marxist’s justification to lay siege to America’s heritage with final annihilation of every vestige of our founding ideals and culture. With a second holiday for independence (Juneteenth) it appears that July 4th is next on their cancel culture calendar.”

That may well be where we are headed. It will be worth watching to see if political and theological leftists, whom Dr. Haynes labels as the “satanic fringe” will come up with their own agenda of what..

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