Dem Governors Target US Citizens in Name of Fighting Hate

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Resident biden’s administration in on it too, pushing a global ‘anti-racist cities’ network

(Liberty Nation) A concerted effort to use local governing authority to brand a significant portion of US citizens as domestic enemies via strategic application of the dreaded word hate is making headway in Democrat-run states. It should not be laughed off as the latest woke nonsense.

Hate in the Empire State
In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul on May 10 convened the Empire State’s first “Unity Summit.” From the heavy-handed page on the governor’s official website:

“During the Summit, [Hochul] announced an additional $25 million is available through the FY 2024 budget to support organizations serving communities at risk of hate crimes and vandalism.

State, local, and federal partners, community-based and faith leaders, and advocates shared policies, programs, and practices to build safer and stronger communities where hate has no place. Participants also presented their extensive efforts to address hate-motivated crimes, prevent the spread of violent extremism, and promote unity and reconciliation. Governor Hochul is committed to doing everything in her power to root out hate and keep New Yorkers safe.”

The Incurable Media Malaise
Former President Barack Obama’s radical attorney general Loretta Lynch gave the keynote address at the affair. Panels were devoted to addressing “hate and domestic extremism” and “restorative justice approaches.”

Gavin Newsom’s Department of Hate
As New Yorkers were busy mulling how to suppress alleged “domestic” threats, the government-stamped anti-hate apparatus was also…

Democrat Governors Target US Citizens in Name of Fighting Hate – Liberty Nation