Eco-Anarchists (ANTIFA, etc.) Vandalize Offices in Ongoing Protest Against Police Training Facility in Atlanta


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(TDPel Media) Antifa activists belonging to the Stop Cop City group have been engaged in a series of acts of vandalism across the US.

The group, which claims to be anti-police, has been protesting against plans to build a sprawling $90 million police training facility known as Cop City, in a forest outside Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the group’s anonymous blog called Scenes From the Atlanta Forest, the activists consider themselves to be “forest defenders”. The blog has become a gathering place for the activists who are protesting the construction of the facility, and the police in general.

Stop Cop City has claimed responsibility for acts of vandalism in 19 states over the last nine months, targeting businesses such as Amazon, Porsche, and Wells Fargo, based on their affiliation

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