FBI: We’re ‘Nonpartisan, But ‘ 80% of Anti-Govt ‘Domestic Terror’ Cases Just so Happen to be ‘MAGA-Related’

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FBI: We’re ‘Nonpartisan,’ 80% of Anti-Govt ‘Domestic Terror’ Cases Just so Happen to be ‘MAGA-Related’

(Information Liberation) The FBI wants Americans to know they’re not "partisan per se," it just so happens they’ve found themselves investigating "mostly MAGA and related political activity as domestic terrorism."
From Newsweek, "FBI Ramps Up Spending to Fight MAGA Terrorism":
The FBI is conducting three times as many domestic terrorism investigations than it was five years ago, with 70 percent of its open cases focused on "civil unrest" and anti-government activity, according to FBI documents and government specialists. […]
The FBI considers all violent acts (and threats of violence) with a political motive to be terrorism, a senior government official explains to Newsweek. […]
According to internal FBI numbers obtained by Newsweek, "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism" was considered the prime threat (and dominated investigations) before January 6. Since then, anti-government, "anti-authority" and civil unrest cases have taken over as the number one threat, making up almost 90 percent of all investigations…Read the rest