Future Hate Hoax: North Georgia YMCA Summer Camp

(I have no doubt that this one will turn out to be just another money grab. Just like I’m sure there will be a ton of ‘inclusive’ policy changes and a few firings even as it turns out to be a delibrate hoax. I’m sure they are lawyering up free of charge – DD)

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North Georgia YMCA affiliate accused of being racially insensitive

(11 Alive) – A north Georgia YMCA affiliate is facing allegations of racism following one of its summer camps.

An 11Alive viewer reached out, saying while at camp their son was referred to – not by his name but by his race and the camp location was full of Confederate flags.

“I felt uncomfortable and unsafe there,” said an 11-year-old boy, whose parents asked us not to reveal his identity.

During an exclusive interview, he described experiencing racial harm while attending the YMCA of Athens summer camp in Tallulah Falls.

“We were playing a group game in the water. I basically gotten to the end goal of the game and then one of the counselors told his team to get that Black boy,” the child added. He said he was called “little Black boy” multiple times.

And, not being referred to by his name is just the beginning of the trauma he experienced.

“When he was at the camp, he saw no less than about 15 Confederate flags… (Oh, the horror! He felt so unsafe and he took the time to count??? – DD)

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