J6, CHARLOTTESVILLE: Democrat Law Enforcement Working With Communist Vigilantes To Suppress Patriot Dissent

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(UNZ Review) – Before the January 6 Capitol ‘Insurrection’ Hoax, and the last week’s atrocious sentencing of Proud Boy leaders on the absurd charge of ‘seditious conspiracy,’ there was Charlottesville the court-approved August 12 2017 Unite The Right patriot protest against the Great Replacement of the historic Robert E. Lee statue that was similarly mugged by Democrat authorities, with complicit lying spin from the Regime Media (See my Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite The Right).

I reported recently on the belated felony arrest, six years after the retroactively-invented crime, of nine participants in the Charlottesville Tiki Torch Light parade, which took place the evening before UTR. Some of them have already been forced through lack of funds to accept plea bargains.

Significantly, and as is certainly the case with J6, a small private army of communist vigilantes is engaged in ongoing efforts to identify and punish attendees of UTR.

One group, Ignite the Right (ITR), identify themselves as…

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