Judges in Charlottesville Trial Recused for Bias

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(Counter-Currents) – A momentous, and rare, legal victory has been achieved in the cases of Augustus Invictus, Jacob Dix, and the other defendants recently charged under Virginia’s “burning an object” statute for non-violent participation in the Charlottesville torchlight demonstration, Unite the Right, that was held six years ago on August 11, 2017.

Various Unite the Right protesters have been rounded up and charged in a dragnet by Albemarle County’s Soros-funded prosecutor Jim Hingely. As revealed in an exclusive investigation on my website, Judge Claude Worrell, the circuit’s head judge, who had been brutally and decisively denying bond to men without criminal records for this non-violent offense, was himself a counter-protester on August 11. Additionally, Worrell, who is black, has a radical white wife Kathryn Laughon, who is an antifa activist, as well as a mixed daughter, both of whom were additional witnesses to the events of the case and had been calling for prosecutors to charge the defendants on social media.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of defense attorneys Peter Frazier for Jacob Dix and Terrell Roberts for Augustus Invictus, motions were successful in recusing not only Chief Justice Worrell for his unethical, undisclosed conflict of interest, but every judge in the 16th Circuit of Virginia on the basis that…

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