Meet Connor Williams, The Yale Taliban That’s Erasing Southern Landmarks

(Another Ivy League primma donna educated beyond his intelligence. A white guy specializing in African-American studies. He’s gonna be shocked when they turn on him and cancel with extreme prejudice – DD)

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(Yahoo News) – Military bases across the country have already received new names, in light of ongoing changes to remove Confederate references to federal property. They aren’t among the only entities getting the upgraded treatment. In fact, an entire list of landmarks will receive new names, thanks in part to research done by a Yale scholar.

Connor Williams, a doctoral student in history and African American studies, served as lead historian of the Naming Commission. He and seven others sat on a panel that took on the Herculean task of choosing new names for various DoD properties. The list includes military bases, roads, monuments, buildings, and more, for a total of hundreds of new names. In his role, Williams provides the history of key people, including how they served their country during the Civil War era.

These efforts have been controversial by removing names of those who promoted slavery or served the Confederate side of the Civil War.

New names were piled into a list, Williams told his alma mater, added once they met certain standards, including having a mission to the region or post, those who had “demonstrated…

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