Proud Boys ordered to pay over a million dollars for destruction of Black Lives Matter sign

(Let me get this straight. BLM burns down major city business districts but suffers no consequences. Their founders get rich skimming donations.
Proud boys trash a sign and get dinged for ONE MIL. For a stoopid sign? Sounds a lot like equal justice in Amerika – DD)

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Dixie Drudge!

(News 4 San Antonio) – A judge has ordered the Proud Boys to pay more than a million dollars to a predominantly black church for the destruction of a Black Lives Matter sign in 2020.

The Friday decision was part of the civil lawsuit the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal church filed against the right-wing extremist group.

The judge called the attack “hateful and overtly racist.”

An attorney for the church said the goal of the lawsuit was to stop the Proud Boys from being able to act with impunity, without fear of consequences.

Among the five Proud Boys members named in the judgment is its leader, Enrique Tarrio.

In 2021 he pleaded guilty to…

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