Six Years Later, Charlottesville Arresting Non-Violent Protest Marchers

(The 1st Amendment means nothing in the left-wing enclave of Charlottesville, VA. Meanwhile, the process is the punishment! – DD)

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VDARE: Invictus Arrested For Tiki Torch Parade

(Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent) – …”A ridiculous six years after the legendary August 11, 2017 nighttime tiki torch march across Charlottesville’s University of Virginia campus, Florida attorney Augustus Sol Invictus became the seventh participant to be arrested, on June 26, 2023. Today, after being held in jail in Florida for weeks, apparently out of sheer vindictiveness—he did not contest extradition to Virginia—he is due to appear in court in Charlottesville at a bond hearing. …”

This is the way our justice system works now.

In progressive cities, the only thing that matters is whose side you are on. This was only dimly apparent to us back in 2017. The Unite the Right rally was premised on our belief in civil liberties. In theory, anyone has the First Amendment right to hold a demonstration anywhere they want and enjoy police protection, but that is not how our system works anymore. Ask Kyle Rittenhouse or Daniel Penny.

In the People’s Republic of Cville, it WASN’T a crime to carry a tiki torch in a First Amendment demonstration in 2017. It only became a crime years later after an election was held in 2019 and it was decided by the victor to start prosecuting people in retrospect for political reasons…

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