SPLC Connection To Alleged ‘Domestic Terrorism’

(This clown got bond unlike the J6 political prisoners. Different rules for left and right – DD)

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T.W. Jurgens, a staff lawyer for Southern Poverty Law Center ‘anti-hate’ grifters, arrested as part of violent Antifa attack on police training facility

(Rod Dreher, American Conservative) The Southern Poverty Law Center grift just got even uglier:

A lawyer for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism over the violence that broke out in Atlanta on Sunday in relation to protests of a planned training facility for police officers in the city, the SPLC has confirmed.

“An employee at the SPLC was arrested while acting — and identifying — as a legal observer on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). The employee is an experienced legal observer, and their arrest is not evidence of any crime, but of heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters,” the SPLC said in a statement on Monday.

Thomas Webb Jurgens was among the list of 23 suspected domestic terrorists released by the Atlanta Police Department on Monday. Violence broke out in Atlanta on Sunday after protesters of a planned police training facility hurled bricks and Molotov cocktails at officers and set cars on fire.

The SPLC makes its money by smearing anybody and everybody it can on the Right as a “hate group,” and convincing donors, including George Soros, that it fights the good fight against HATERS. More:

In 2012, the Family Research Council, a Christian nonprofit that was labeled a hate group by the SPLC, was targeted by a man who fired a gun in the group’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. A security guard managed to…

SPLC Connection To Alleged ‘Domestic Terrorism’ – The American Conservative