SPLC Silent When Asked For Evidence the Lawyer Charged With Domestic Terrorism Didn’t Engage in Violence

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(Daily Signal) – A left-leaning Georgia prosecutor has stepped back from pursuing “Stop Cop City” rioters who violently attacked a police construction site in March, citing a difference in “prosecution philosophies” with Georgia’s attorney general and referencing a Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer who faces domestic terrorism charges in the incident. The SPLC did not respond when asked for evidence that the lawyer did not engage in violence.

DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston announced Friday that her office had withdrawn from that SPLC lawyer’s case and others related to the attack because of “fundamentally different prosecution philosophies” with Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican.

Boston referred to the case against the SPLC lawyer, Thomas Webb Jurgens, as “one of the touch points” that led her to withdraw from the Cop City cases. Left-leaning critics have claimed that Georgia’s domestic terrorism law—enacted in 2017—enables law enforcement to crack down on protesters who are exercising their free speech.

Carr vowed to continue prosecuting the cases, drawing a clear contrast…

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