(I know. Some smart-alecky clown is going to ask the universal question of just who “THEY” is. Tune in tomorrow and check the Government-Supremacy category to find out who “THEY” are. – DD)

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(NOQ Report) Long before the Department of Homeland Security attempted to justify the formal recognition of a “Disinformation Czar” to monitor Americans’ speech or news broke that the State Department had been using a foreign organization called the Global Disinformation Index to censor conservative voices here at home, it was clear that the war for free speech had begun. For years, conservative websites struggled to survive financially as shadowbans and stealth blacklisting eliminated advertising revenues and throttled user engagement. Online trolls infiltrated comment sections posting inflammatory content that could be used as false flag justifications to legally threaten or otherwise punish conservative forums. Conservative content creators and their readers strenuously objected to the organized censorship war being waged against them, but few politicians, reporters, or pundits cared.

Now the cat is out of the bag, and neither government agencies nor their corporate co-conspirators are hiding their embrace of viewpoint discrimination. The FBI continues to flag more language — including words as innocuous as “red pill,” “based,” and “Chad” — as extremist rhetoric. Google blocked Right Side Broadcasting Network from covering President Trump’s Democrat-engineered Manhattan arraignment on YouTube, claiming that the censorship was necessary to combat “elections misinformation.” A revolving door now exists to fill social media companies with employees from the ranks of the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security. Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has announced the hiring of millions of “information warriors” tasked with the mission to…

They Fear You