Virginia Beach School Board Gives Parents the Middle Finger

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(Kerry Dougherty, Bacon’s Rebellion) – Virginia Democrats. Has there ever been a more arrogant bunch?

In 2020 they were convinced that they had turned Virginia bright blue. They believed there would never be another Republican in the Governor’s Mansion. They believed they had a license to implement a smorgasbord of far-left policies.

For example, they wanted to allow boys who pretend they are girls into school areas previously reserved for females only.

They wanted to make sure that boys could shower with the daughters and granddaughters of Virginians in high school locker rooms. They wanted boys prowling around girls’ bathrooms and tampons in boys’ rooms.

Worse, they wanted schools to alienate children from their parents by allowing troubled kids to switch genders in school without telling parents. They wanted to force teachers to use whatever wacky pronouns students desired.

The all-blue General Assembly wanted to make sure that these radical school policies were implemented in every corner of the commonwealth, not just

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