‘White People Are Committed to Being Villains’ — Says Black Professor — ‘Take These Motherf**kers Out!’

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(Raymond Ibrahim, PJ Media) As I have closely documented elsewhere, historical relations between Islam and the West have been utterly distorted in order to present the aggressors as victims and the victims as aggressors.

In this article, we look at a similar but even more urgent topic: how history in general has been intentionally distorted in a way that makes segments of the nonwhite population hate, despise, and even want to murder whites.

This is no exaggeration. In a speech late last year, Brittney Cooper, a black associate professor at Rutgers University, spewed so much hate against “white people,” to the point of concluding that “we got to take these motherf**ers out!” (Needless to say, she still teaches at Rutgers.)

At one point during her racist rant, Cooper said…

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