Woke Wells Fargo Bank Cancels Account for Gun Dealer – Declares It Will Cut Loans to White People

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(Dixie Drudge) Wells Fargo Bank has bought into left-wing politcs and is determined to force you to comply with its philosophy. Over the past year, Southern Nation News has posed one article after another about how banking conglomerates are forcing every day Americans to comply with “Woke” dictates by eliminating accounts and restricting what credit cards can be used to purchase. Namely, firearms.

Among the worst offenders is Wells Fargo. For an institution that descended from a stage and freight line with hired “shotgun guards” for security, the modern bank has no memory of its gunpowder based beginnings. The current leftist political agenda must be enforced. A tiny minority must again be appeased at the expense of the freedom-loving majority. And their overt racism in restricting future loans to white people, will only score them further points with the globalists.

Since they want to “Go Woke” help them “Go Broke!” Don’t do business with Wells Fargo.

Woke Wells Fargo Cancels Accounts for Major Gun Dealer as Bank Indicates It Will Cut Loans to White People