Your Enemies Are Getting Violent

(Tom Woods, LewRockwell.Com) – I was just reading Jonathan Turley’s commentary on Lew Rockwell’s site and was struck by this new poll finding:

Some 41% of Biden supporters believe violence is justified to prevent Republicans from achieving their goals. On the other side, 38% of Trump supporters believe violence is justified in the other direction.

The point of my sharing this with you is not to get on my high horse and declare that violence is never justified. I’m not a pacifist. Once in a while, it is.

Instead, I’m asking: how sustainable is this? And what is the answer, if one even exists?

Turley himself points vaguely to a need to restore faith in each other and in democracy, but even he must realize how hopeless that is.

Another approach would be to urge both sides to lay down their arms, stop politicizing all of life, and get back to managing their own affairs. That, too, even though the obviously humane solution, is likely to fall on deaf ears.

The one option that’s supposed to be off the table is simply to go our own way.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was pilloried for using the term “national divorce,” but it was the boldest and most sensible thing she’s ever said.

No, it’s not perfect, and there’s no neat dividing line, and there are plenty of…

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