Texas Nationalist Movement Joins Election Integrity Coalition, Texas First

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(TNM) The Texas Nationalist Movement has joined Texas First, a civil action network dedicated to promoting secure elections in Texas.

Texas First is a volunteer network of grassroots organizations in support of protecting accurate, transparent, and accountable elections. TNM President Daniel Miller said his organization is proud to join the Texas First network.

“Our mission at TNM has always been to place the good of Texas above all else,” said Miller. “If we are to get and win a referendum on TEXIT, Texans need an election process they can trust. We currently have a system that continues to fail when it comes to transparency and accuracy. Texas First’s work promoting election accountability plays a crucial role in upholding Texas’ best interest, and we’re honored to join their efforts.”

The Texas First network is part of an election integrity effort spearheaded by…

Texas Nationalist Movement Joins Election Integrity Coalition Texas First | The TNM

Two of six Atlanta Antifa terror suspects who firebombed police cruiser were given BAIL while even minor Jan 6 defendants rot in jail!

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(UK Daily Mail) Two of the six Antifa protesters arrested for allegedly firebombing an Atlanta police cruiser have been released on bond.

Ivan Ferguson, 23, of Nevada, and Graham Evatt, 20, of Decatur, Georgia, were among those charged in the massive riots over the death of another protester who allegedly shot a police officer.

They have been charged with a slew of felony and misdemeanor charges — including domestic terrorism, first-degree arson and riot — but were granted a $355,000 bond on Monday.

Others arrested in the protests will remain in prison without bond as proceedings against them continue, FOX 5 Atlanta reports.

All six were detained after they allegedly set fire to a police cruiser in protest of the police-involved killing of Antifa activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, 26.

The protesters are demanding an investigation into his death, but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation insists he did have a gun on him at the time of the shooting on January 18 and was responsible for shooting a Georgia State trooper…

Two of six Antifa terror suspects who firebombed Atlanta police cruiser are given BOND | Daily Mail Online

Why Lee Still Matters – Abbeville Institute

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(Stephen Davis, Abbeville Institute) In Richmond, there’s a movement afoot to rename the Robert E. Lee Memorial Bridge. At Charlottesville, a statue to the Confederate general was removed last year. In Abilene, Texas, Lee Park, named after the general, has been changed to that of a local football coach.

The list could go on and on, as we’ve all seen.

But let’s step back from all the dither. Remember George C. Scott, the star of Patton (1970)?

In 1976, the country’s Bicentennial year, NBC’s Today show featured, every Friday, a full two-hour program highlighting one of the fifty states. The show focusing on Virginia offered local scenery, historical highlights and personal glimpses.

Scott presented one of them. As backdrop for his monologue, Scott led a walking tour of the campus of Washington and Lee University in Lexington. As he did so, he talked about General Lee before entering the Chapel to stand beside Valentine’s famed recumbent statue.“

What are you and I supposed to learn from or feel about the world and the character of a man like R. E. Lee?” he asked. “He’s cold. We’re cool. He’s passe. We’re avant. He’s out of it. We’re up to here in it.”

“Well,” Scott continued, “there are…

Why Lee Still Matters – Abbeville Institute

Government Supremacists in a Panic! 61% of US Has Become a ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuary”

Look at the Map! What the hell is wrong with Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Contact your state representative and give him/her/it an earful – DD

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Globalists PANIC as 61% of US Counties Become ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuaries’

(Dixie Drudge) Americans tolerance with socialist shenanigans is wearing thin. It’s their own fault. The left was warned. Repeatedly… The Bill of Rights is sacrosant. Especially the 2nd Amendment.

They can scream and whine and propagate about “extremism” and public safety all they want. It will do no good except to help identify the Quislings in media and government.

The 2nd and 1st Amendments are the tripwire. Violate our rights and you will find out what woke really is.


More than 61% of American Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Audie Murphy – Today In Southern History

26 January 1945 

On this date in 1945… 

While covering the men of his company near Holtzwihr, France, Texan 2nd Lt. Audie Murphy killed more than 240 German soldiers and destroyed 6 tanks. For this and other courageous actions, Murphy became the most decorated American soldier of WWII.

Other Years:

  • 1716 – A Creek and Yamassee delegation arrived at the neutral Cherokee village of Tugaloo in northeastern Georgia. Rather than talking peace, the delegation urges the Cherokee to help attack South Carolina settlements. The Cherokee killed the representatives.
  • 1838 – Tennessee enacted the first prohibition law in the United States
  • 1861 – Georgia state troops seized Oglethorpe Barracks and Fort Jackson.
  • 1861 – Louisiana seceded from the union.
  • 1861 – The “Arkansaw” comedian Harry McCarthy began writing The Bonnie Blue Flag after witnesing the unfurling of the new Mississippi Republic flag in Jackson.
  • 1875 – As many as 40 Mexican and Indian cattle rustlers attacked a squad from troop G, ninth cavalry outside Ringgold Barracks, Texas killing two troopers. Several suspects were captured and 9 Mexicans were found guilty of murder.
  • 1983 – Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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