138 noncitizens identified as convicted sex offenders arrested during national ICE operation

(ICE, Washinton DC) Enforcement and Removal Operations officers apprehended 138 unlawfully present noncitizens convicted of sex offenses, including those with an executable final order of removal, during a nationwide enforcement effort from Oct. 22 through Nov. 4.

“Crimes of sexual violence are among the most underreported in the United States — anyone can be a victim of this type of abuse, and our officers are dedicated to locating and apprehending known noncitizen offenders as part of their public safety mission,” said ERO Executive Associate Director Corey A. Price. “ERO will continue efforts such as these to remove unlawfully present individuals who have committed crimes against the innocent so they cannot continue to harm vulnerable populations within our communities.”

This enforcement operation was implemented to address unlawfully present noncitizens convicted of sex offenses. Cases amenable to federal criminal prosecution may be presented to the appropriate U.S. attorney’s office.

Among those arrested…

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