ACLU Claims 1st Amendment Gives Illegals a Right to Stay in U.S.

(Following the ACLU’s logical gymnastics, if someone “encouraged” you to rob a bank then you should not only get off scot free, but also keep the money – DD)

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(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) The American Civil Liberties Union and the Federal Defender’s Office for the Eastern District of California will appear before the Supreme Court to argue for Helaman Hansen, who is being charged with encouraging illegal immigrants to cross the border.

In defense of their client, ACLU argues that encouraging illegal immigration is “plainly protected” by the First Amendment and charging him is a violation of his right to free speech.

The court of appeals sided with Hansen and pushed SCOTUS to hear the case as well, according to Breitbart. The case will go to trial on March 27.

The defense team argued that not only is encouraging illegal immigration protected by the First Amendment but that the law is also in violation of the Constitution.

“The Supreme Court should not expand the category of speech that can be criminalized to include speech that merely encourages conduct that is not a crime,” the ACLU’s Esha Bhandari said in a statement. “The encouragement provision chills a…

ACLU Claims 1st Amendment Gives Illegals a Right to Stay in U.S. – Headline USA