Anarchy in the USA: Biden Releases 600K Migrants Without Asylum Court Dates

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(The New American) As the migrant situation continues to erode into unthinkable depths of disorder, states concerned with the ramifications of an unchecked border are finding themselves forced to take matters into their own hands.

The degree of the federal government’s failure to take control of the border crisis is exemplified by the release of new data revealing that nearly 600,000 illegal migrants who crossed the border without authorization since March of 2021 were not even charged or given a date to appear in court prior to being released.

As a result, these migrants have been placed in legal limbo, and thousands of them have been dropped altogether from the program that was supposed to track them, causing them to simply disappear and add to the already-high illegal population in America.

According to the data obtained by NBC News, over half a million of these migrants are now living in the shadows outside the reach of immigration authorities. Moreover, many of these migrants are not aware that they are running out of time as far as their one-year deadlines to apply for asylum.

This comes as immigration authorities have found themselves…

Anarchy: Biden Releases 600K Migrants Without Asylum Court Dates