Biden admin accuses Arizona of trespassing by building barrier on U.S.-Mexico border

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Shipping containers placed along the U.S. border prevent Bureau of Reclamation from performing its mission.

(FOX) Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey was accused this week by the Biden Administration of trespassing as the Republican governor makes efforts to fill gaps along the U.S.-Mexico border with shipping containers.
Ducey announced last week that he would have crews install shipping containers along a section of the border to fill gaps not covered by a wall. The announcement came two weeks after federal officials ordered him to take down containers he had placed in the southwestern part of the state.
The Republican governor then sued and requested the courts allow Arizona to keep 100 shipping containers, double stacked with barbed wire on top, in place near Yuma.
The containers were put in place in August to fill gaps in the border, which Ducey said was pushing back against "the inaction of the Biden Administration in stopping migrants from entering the state from Mexico," …
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