biden Demands Arizona Remove Cargo Containers Filling Border Gaps

(How is doing the job that the feds are paid to do, but refuse to, illegal??? Should the states stop responding to kidnapping, bank robberies and other federal crimes? Perhaps the states should just end cooperation with the feds altogether, Like #TEXIT & #NationalDivorce – DD)
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Arizona fires back at Biden admin’s demand it remove shipping containers filling gaps at border
Arizona began using shipping containers to fill gaps in border wall system in early August

(FOX) The administration of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is pushing back against a demand by the Biden administration that it take down a number of shipping containers it has used to plug a gap in the incomplete border wall, saying that border states "cannot rely on the federal government to ensure its security."
"The myriad of federal agencies that claim jurisdiction on the southern border but do nothing to prevent the public nuisance caused by illegal immigration and criminal activity that exploits the open border is quite frustrating to those that live, work and recreate on that border and in our state," Allen Clark, director of Arizona’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, said in a letter to the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, obtained by Fox News Digital.
The bureau had written to Gov. Ducey’s office last week, arguing that the move in August to fill nearly 4,000 feet of gaps in the border wall with shipping containers topped with razor wire is illegal…Read the rest