biden’s Open Borders Spawns Massive Asylum Fraud!

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(America Out Loud) Joe Biden’s purposely dysfunctional border policies have allowed some 6.5 million alien migrants to enter the United States over the last 28 months. The Biden administration has told Americans these desperate migrants are fleeing persecution in their home countries, and their only hope for a safe and better life is to escape to America. But this is decidedly false. Joe Biden’s open border policies are fraught with fraud!

Fewer than eight percent (8%) of foreigners crossing the southern border clamoring for asylum in the United States have legitimate asylum claims. As court records bear out, most claimants present false stories about the “creditable fear” they would face if forced to return to their native countries.

However, in addition to these false claims, when Joe Biden opened the border and invited foreigners to rush to our southern border and make their asylum claims, the assumption was that citizens of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, and other Latin countries would immediately leave these countries and travel north to America.

Shockingly, many had left their alleged evil home countries years ago and have been living peacefully and productively in other Latin American nations for years. For instance, investigators at the Center for Immigration Studies have reported on Venezuelans who left their original homes to find refuge in Ecuador, Columbia, and Panama years ago. But when Joe Biden opened our southern border…

Biden’s Open Borders Spawns Massive Asylum Fraud! – America Out Loud