Bipartisan Bill Sings Same Old Mass Migration Tune (AKA Amnesty)

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(Numbers USA) You have to hand it to Representatives Salazar and Escobar. They are not going to allow anything such as facts or logic get in the way of their open-borders agenda. They introduced a bipartisan bill called ‘The Dignity Act of 2023,’ which really should be called the Cheap Labor Act. It is difficult to imagine a more shiny gift to our business overlords. In exchange for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and hundreds of thousands of new foreign workers, the bill authorizes money for the Department of Homeland Security to come up with plans to secure a border they haven’t had the will to secure for decades. In other words, it is largely the same amnesty package Democrats and Republicans have been peddling to a skeptical public since the George W. Bush Administration.

Both Salazar and Escobar were quick to pat themselves on the back for offering a reheated version of the same bipartisan “solution” that has failed to become law multiple times. Representative Salazar claims that the House of Representatives’ recently passed border security bill (which she voted for) is dead in the Senate. Her solution is to offer the same old tired bill that has failed in various forms under four presidents and countless congressional configurations. Since the media and Congress have an unquenchable thirst for amnesty, this is being taken seriously…

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